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Freshly is an American food delivery service for a balanced diet.


About the project

In 2012, Freshly set out to solve the taste/usefulness dilemma for those who don’t like, don’t know how, or don’t have time to cook. The company delivers affordable, filling, and healthy food from a dietitian chef. Currently, Freshly delivers 1 million meals per week to 48 states in the US.

The challenge

Six years ago, Freshly owners decided to radically improve their service. Their meals were rapidly gaining popularity, while the technical capabilities of the platform remained modest. The existing MVP, based on PHP with a WordPress plugin, needed to be remade into a world-class scalable application.

With our help, Freshly wanted to:

  • modernize their solution, which was previously built using WordPress
  • optimize the ordering process in a way that would allow the introduction of new components (subscription sales) without making it too complicated
  • update the visuals and develop a user-friendly interface for the main web application
  • automate the mobile testing process.

These changes would allow Freshly to increase the number of subscriptions and improve customer satisfaction.


Solution and results

From day one, the iTechArt team joined in supporting the MVP. Our developers immediately realized that new features would make matters worse, rather than better: the resulting solution would be slow and hard to scale.

While supporting the existing version, the team designed and developed a new reliable solution built with Ruby on Rails. The migration has significantly improved website load times. Ruby on Rails also made it possible to create admin forms using a single tag instead of countless lines of code.

The user interface was developed using Backbone.js and Marionette, and the app’s new look was met with high user approval.

We also managed to transfer huge amounts of data to the PostgreSQL database, thus making it easier to move from one system to another.

We used A/B tests to integrate payment systems (Stripe, Braintree) and optimize user experience. This ensured a higher conversion rate and a noticeable increase in sales.

The monolithic application was gone. The new solution had a flexible architecture based on cloud microservices. The proactivity and care from our team were met with a positive response by the client. Not only did we “cure” all the pain points of the service but we also demonstrated the new features that Freshly could use to further grow the project (e.g. quality assurance automation). All our suggestions were immediately accepted.

iTechArt continues to work with this client. Our partnership is so successful that our development team is now considered a remote technical office of Freshly. Our engineers, like any other Freshly team, are entrusted with working on major features.

The updated service gained more fans, which attracted the attention of Nestle. At the end of 2020, the largest food corporation in the world bought Freshly for a whopping $1.5 billion.

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