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Forex / Forex trading | FinTech (Gain Capital) is a brokerage platform that offers comfortable trading conditions, including cashback and an affiliate program.


About the project

The company was started in 1999. It is currently the most popular currency market in the world, with an average turnaround of $5.1 trillion per day!

The challenge (Gain Capital) needed help with the development of mobile and web applications, quality assurance and testing, and the implementation of Salesforce solutions. The largest brokerage platform needed an IT solution that would allow users to invest in stock markets anywhere and at any time. At the start, the company didn’t have its own technical team, so they asked iTechArt to adapt to customer needs and show a thorough understanding of the stock market trading.


Solution and results

iTechArt assembled a mobile development team to develop iOS and Android applications for the client. Our people had to develop a platform that would be as fast and reliable as possible, as success in Forex trading directly correlates with the speed of decision-making. The faster and more efficient the platform, the higher the chance of buying an asset at a better price before the competitors. And we were successful, providing the customer with an app that allowed users to immediately access financial instruments via their smartphone screens. was pleased with the result and entrusted us with more web development tasks, for both the front and the back end.

iTechArt QA engineers automated the testing process, which led to 64 saved testing days per release cycle.

We also helped the client with Salesforce issues, by optimizing DB structures, refactoring, and improving the existing system. Moreover, we integrated digital signature and payment systems.

In the first months since the mobile app was launched, the company’s user base rapidly increased by 30%.

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