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Bevi makes dispensers that not only purify water but also allow citrus, apple, or berry flavors to be added to it.


About the project

The company’s mission is to decrease the amount of single-use plastic packaging and the negative impact of humans on the environment. As of 2014, Bevi customers have refrained from using 200 million bottles and cans!

The challenge

Bevi is an achievement of Techstars, an American company that has been helping entrepreneurs develop their businesses since 2006. Techstars unites startups and investors, small companies and large corporations across the world, erasing borders between people and moving towards a sustainable and inclusive society.

The team at Bevi needed a partner to create firmware that would simplify the operation of the water dispenser. And iTechArt suggested the optimal solution to their challenge.


Solution and results

To meet our client’s needs, our team built an Android-based application from scratch. User-friendly to the max, it’s built into Bevi devices and lets users choose the drink they want: clear/sparkling, flavored, etc.

At client’s request, another iTechArt team began to work on a static web version of their firmware. Bevi’s Marketing & Sales team needed it to demonstrate the capabilities of the product. The requirements were as follows:

  • Adaptive and responsive i.e. perfectly adaptable to any modern device
  • Pixel perfect i.e. completely identical to the dispenser prototype and firmware
  • Accessible via a link

And we completed all of the tasks successfully!

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